Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AKB48 AKA a girl idol band with 48 memebers

because as any creative exec, marketing exec, or A&R person will tell you.... what's better than 1 cute girl who can kind of sing and dance? 2 girls who can kind of sing and dance (thus Tatu)! but what's better than that? how about 5 girls (thus Wondergirls)! not to be out done, someone in Japan asked, what if you had 48? then you'd have AKB48, and that's got to bring in 48 times the profit!

i can only hope that one day i get to direct a video for this group. coming up with scenarios for 48 japanese girls to act out in a 3 minute span would be creatively very challenging (staging an all girl riot springs to mind, or maybe something like a smaller version of the epic north korean dance presentation). i can only imagine how much fun the challenge of lighting 48 dancers and fitting them into the same shot and then watching to make sure none of them fuck up their moves. and on top of that, i have a hard time remembering the names of singular people i just met, three is near impossible for me. i think at 48 though, they would understand right? "hey.. uh, you, in the school girl outfit uh... with the baggy socks... and the pony tail, no, not you, her, heeeer! *sigh* yeah, that's probably fine."