Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

this is fantastic.... how to create a movement in 3 Easy Steps: be public, be easy to follow, hope you have a couple die-hard fans at the beginning to build your community.

did i mention i hate all the people who show up after guy #5?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Genki Sudo Highlight 4

update: so I think I have found my new hero. this guy, Sudo Genki, in addition to making rad music videos, was once a professional MMA fighter, competing in K1 and various other fighting leagues. watch the highlight reel, this guy gets crazy. also, i do not endorse "Rage Against the Machine" but the other highlight video had LimpBizkit, which is even more obnoxious.

須藤元気(Genki Sudo) 「WORLD ORDER」の"MIND SHIFT"フルver.PV

this video is great. i've never heard of this band but my friend sent me a link. it contains so many things i love: a simple idea that is mind-blowing without digital effects, electronic music, japan, and popping. the thing i love about popping is that it's such a weird style of dance, and every culture deals with it differently. in the US, popping and b-boying in general is almost always about being cool, but in japan popping kind of evolved in it's own way and japanese poppers tend to be more out-there. just like in this video, they aren't afraid of being weird or surreal (contrarily, most of the time that seems like the goal).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

this is possibly the greatest film of all time

after i saw this trailer all i could say was, 'fuck yeah!' i really really want to watch this movie.... on the big screen. who wants to go to india ? yeah? fuck yeah!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

relic developed dies, game community supports widow and unborn child

so Brian Wood, a developer from relic was killed by an allegedly drunk driver, which sucks ass. but he is also survived by a pregnant wife, who according to an article, was saved because he spun his car at the last moment so drunk driver hit his side of the car instead of hitting them head on.

the story does get brighter: after relic put news about his death on their website and thousands of gamers sent in condolences and donations to help his wife and child. i think that's pretty rad. most of these gamers probably didn't know this guy's name until he died, but they played his games, and then the paid it forward.

i don't think my industry would do the same.

anyway, his trust is here: and you can visit Relic at

i never played any of his games, and i'm broke, so i didn't donate, but i do send my condolences.

RIP Brian, alas, i never knew ye.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camera Botanica

so my website for Camera Botanica is up. It's a bunch of photos I took of some medical marijuana plants last year. I'm trying to put together a coffee table book and maybe sell some prints. Please check it out at

Monday, September 13, 2010

What would you do??

this guy, funymony, is a kid I met in Salt Lake City when I went to sundance with mdotstrange that one year we went... anyway, funymony and his friends were probably the best part of sundance. (playing mariokart with sean and dave and joe was the other highlight of the trip) i don't know if he's in school still or not, but he make some fun stuff.

Thursday, September 9, 2010