Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flower Warfare

This guy, FreddieW is my new hero. seriously. not only because in this video he combines flowers with guns but also because he gives you a rough break down of how he does it (and the fact that he used real flowers instead of CG flowers).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I posted an ad for my camera on and haven't really gotten any responses but today I got this from one "Mary Mario":

Thanks for your reply, i am very glad to know that the item is still available for purchase. however i have few questions that i will like to ask you....

I would like to know the reason why you are selling it, I'll also like to know the actual condition, i mean how it works. and if you still have the original box that it comes with and what is your firm price? though i can still afford the price tagged with the listing .

If you don't mind getting paid through paypal I'll like to purchase it for my friend Son who resides abroad, as a compensation to his excellence performance and achievement in his studies. Though I'll not be able to come for face 2 face transaction or for the pick up cause am a Naval officer and presently on a ship. But am ready to make the payment VIA PayPal..

I am ready to pay the amount you tagged with the listing and $120 for it shipping, because I'll not be able to do the shipping my self due to the nature of my job(i mean always on the ship).

So kindly send your PayPal email ID for the payment to be made instantly if you have an account with them already, and if you don't you can simply do that by going to to set it up, it very easy to set up so you can get back to me with the email id you use for the account.

I hope you will consider my request favorably. Your quick response will be appreciated

Best regards...

so this sounds fishing because 1.) they don't want to meet in person 2.) they want me to send it abroad, and 3.) I'm pretty sure navy folks can send and receive mail on a boat and 4.) the grammar resembles the grammar in those nigerian email scams, 5.) I googled this text, and many of the sentences came up on other blogs about scams...

I am curious as to how this scam works though. I suspect it is like those "deposit" scams, wherin someone wants to sublet your apartment, so they send you a check from another country and you deposit it, but what you don't know is that it's going to take a while to clear. But then the next day they call and say some emergency has come up and they need you to wire the money back to them, which you do because you are a nice person. But then the check they sent you doesn't clear, and now you have wired them the money, so you can't get it back. I imagine paypal has some kind of loophole like this, and now they have your goods.

good try scammers.

Monday, July 12, 2010

robots, net yet ready to be our friends

a ny times reporter did an interview with a robot that was supposed to be a "back-up" of a human, but we have a long way to go before we get replicants... still, this interview feels a lot like the way i feel when interacting with 1/3 of all the people i meet.

alice story book for ipad

children's books on ipad, great idea. this book looks ill, with all the interaction of falling jelly beans and bobble heads. it's just too bad the video is cut so obnoxiously, but the art and interaction looks really good, I think.. they ought to have slowed the pace a little so we might know for sure.