Saturday, March 6, 2010


ever wished your forearm could be used as a keyboard? me neither, but after watching this video it seems like it might be kinda cool, or, maybe if i could move the photoshop tool palette to the back of my arm, that might be kind of useful. every time i see this kind of scifi idea becoming reality, i can't help but think of this time i was at a tradeshow with an acquaintance who well, i'm not sure what she actually does, but she worked at microsoft and it was rumored that she had one of the original XBOX's that bill gates had sent to her as a present. needless to say, she had tech cred. but we were at this tradeshow back in early 2000 and watching a demo of apple's aperture, which was in beta then. during the cataloging segment she asked if there was going to be facial recognition in addition to their keyword database. the presenter kind of laughed at her and intimated that facial recognition was the stuff of scifi or at least not out of the MIT or DARPA research phase. even i was a little embarrassed, but guess what fucko-presenter-man, apple iphoto has facial recognition. it's not particularly good, but it has it. what pisses me off tho, is how quickly he dismissed the idea as silly. you know what other innovations got laughed at? sewing machines, typewriters, zippers, umbrellas, women's suffrage... also, the mouse.

it's not to say that all new ideas are good ideas... but just because someone laughs at it or doesn't initially see value, doesn't mean it's a bad idea.