Thursday, March 4, 2010

OKGO this to shall pass - oners make me cry

you've probably seen the video. not the marching band one, but the one with the rube goldberg machine. here Adam Sadowsky, the president (?) of Syyn Labs explains the process of building this machine. the best piece of advice: put the big reliable stuff at the end of the take to shorten reset times.

this video gets me a little choked up at the end, when it tilts up to (what I assume is) the crew of the video cheering for a good take. this might be less significant to anyone who's never put together a "oner" but trying to do something complex with many moving parts and record it all in a single moving shot is probably one of the most stressful kinds of shots a crew can put together. but when it comes together, and everyone hits their marks, and all the gags happen right on time, it's truly great feeling. i've never really been much for team sports, but i imagine it's the same sort of elation a team feels after pulling together and making a big play. it's an inspiring feeling that if enough people got together and focused their desires into a singular goal, anything would be possible.

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